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Kablooey is a platform for comics readers, creators, historians, sellers, and everyone who appreciates the fun and diversity that defines the comics community. We're pretty new, so there may be some kinks to work out yet.

Users must be at least 13 years of age. Please do not post images or links to anything inappropriate for a 13-year-old or Aunt May to see. Kablooey encourages respect, proactive engagement, and a community sensibility.

Kablooey Features

News Feed

Your News Feed shows the latest posts and comments from everyone on Kablooey. When the community grows larger, this will change to reflect only posts by you and your Pals.




Pals are other Kablooey users who you mutually follow. You can request that someone become your Pal by clicking on their avatar and going to their Profile page and clicking "Pal Request." When your Pals are online, their avatar in the right-hand column will have a green border.


Profile Page and Account Settings

Your Profile page is where you can upload your image/avatar, your background image,

If you click the upside-down triangle in the top right-hand corner and select Account Settings, you can write your Bio, change your email and password, or delete your account.

UPDATE: User Categories have been added (writer, reader, cartoonist, letterer, etc.) and can be updated in Account Settings.




Specialty Page

The former Business Page component of Kablooey has been updated and repurposed so that users can create profile pages for their comics project, podcast, reviews, illustrations, crowdfunding campaign, etc.



The Forum allows for threaded discussions about the Kablooey platform, comic markets, comics history, and other topics.



Photos, Images, and Albums

You can share images of your comics and comic art. If it's not your own work, make sure you have permission first, unless the purpose is for educational, historical, selling, or review purposes. You can also create Albums to categorize your images, which have Play and Slideshow features.

Photos and Albums



The Marketplace is a place for you sell your original art, comics, books, vintage comics, memorabilia, etc. Currently, Kablooey does not handle any financial transactions. You may enter a link to the item in the product description if it is sold on a platform such as Amazon, or customers can use the EMAIL LINK to send you an email where you can arrange payment and shipment.




Your notifications will show up in the top bar when you receive Pal Requests or messages from Kablooey admin or other users.



You can send Messages to your Pals and vice-versa. Click on your pal's avatar on the right and then you'll see a minimized tab with your Pal's username at the bottom of the screen. Click to expand. Place the cursor at the bottom of the messaging window, and hit Enter to send. Or, click Messages in the main menu to open the main Messages screen.



Terms and Conditions

Please read the Kablooey Comics Community Terms and Conditions.

Contact Us

Send your feedback to the Kablooey administrator via the Feedback link in the main menu or the Contact Us link in the footer. Or, just email us at admin@kablooeycomics.com.

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